The vision

Improving Livelihoods, Promoting sustainable development

We partner with existing community structures, and empowers them to access clean cooking, as a pathway to socio-economic and environmental sustainability


Sustainable Approach

Sustainable Approach

Inclusive Model

Inclusive Model

  • Support beyond access
  • Energy as a catalyst to economic growth
  • Low-income households most welcomed
  • From anywhere

Our Aproach

Community-based, inclusive, & sustainable Structure

Our approach focuses on developing technologies that enable community groups to discover innovative cooking solutions, fundraise effectively, connect with local distributors, and use clean technology to fuel their socio-economic growth

 Find Innovative Clean<br> cooking solutions

Find Innovative Clean
cooking solutions

We can assist your group in identifying the optimal cooking solution that provides you with the best outcome, whether it be solar cookers, electric cookers, home biogas systems and more

The platform provides your group with:

  • Efficiency
  • Convenience
  • Ability to compare.
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Raise the Required financing!

Raise the Required financing!

We enable groups to raise financing required to connect all their members to their selected cooking solutions. Fundraising through internal member contributions and savings, and external crowdsourcing from peers

Through the fundraising platform, groups can>

  • Set and track savings targets.
  • Connect with peers.
  • Manage payments.
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Get Connected to local suppliers.

Get Connected to local suppliers.

Our commitment is to ensure that all members of community groups are connected to their chosen clean cooking technologies through our local partners.

  • In-home installation
  • Routine checks and maintenance
  • No higher initial costs
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Use clean cooking to grow...

Use clean cooking to grow...

Keep on saving, fundraising, and making gradual payments for your clean cooking solutions while also gaining valuable insights and information on potential economic opportunities for your community group.


  • PayG tracking and management
  • Project Management
  • Learning and insights

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Clean cooking solutions and technologies

Credibly grow premier ideas rather than bricks-and-clicks strategic theme areas
distributed for stand-alone web-readiness.

Home biogas solutions

Home biogas solutions

We source cutting-edge home biogas cooking solutions from top-rated brands in the market to offer you the best available options.

Solar Cooking solutions

Solar Cooking solutions

Our solar cookers provide a clean, sustainable and cost-effective way of cooking using the power of the sun, reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Electric Cooking solutions

Electric Cooking solutions

We offer a range of electric cookers from top brands, providing reliable and efficient cooking solutions for households and communities.

Improved Biomas Stoves

Improved Biomas Stoves

We work with leading suppliers to offer high-quality and durable improved biomass cookstoves that use less fuel, emit less smoke and are more efficient than traditional stoves..

Clean Cooking Appliances

Clean Cooking Appliances

We offer a range of clean cooking appliances from leading brands, ensuring that households have access to the most advanced and efficient technologies available in the market.

Who we Are

Social enterprise for sustainable development.

Our mission is to work towards ending energy poverty and the inequalities that arise from lack of access to modern energy services, by providing sustainable and affordable solutions that empower households and communities to improve their living standards and create opportunities for economic growth and environmental sustainability.


Our efforts to transform access to clean cooking in Africa are backed by support from renowned global brands.

  • Seedstars


  • Tony Elumelu Foundation

    Tony Elumelu Foundation

  • Safeem




  • Social Shifters

    Social Shifters

  • GIZ


  • Wyld International

    Wyld International

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Join our platform today and become one of the hundreds of groups accessing clean cooking technologies while uncovering new economic opportunities for your members.

  • No sign-up fees
  • One on one onboarding support

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