Financing for access

Improve your members' cooking experience with ease

Easily access life-saving clean cooking technologies on a pay-as-you-use model by leveraging your group's savings, and external funding sources.

We will give you the ability to raise funds from your peers, or connect you with our financing partners.

Real time tracking

Set up and effectively manage internal savings, and external fundraising campaigns

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Trusted Brands

Select from a variety of brands you like and trust. and compare the efficiency of each selected brand.

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Knowledge for action

Create more economic opportunities for your Chama

Help your members learn more about creating climate-smart solutions, and invest the time and resources saved by the use of clean cooking products into new and better socio-economic activities.

Knowledge centre

Discover climate-smart methods of running your groups project, and run simulations on the impact to your current practice

Collaborate with Members

Anytime, anywhere. Share your ideas with other Chama members, and hold your Chama huddles to discuss new ideas via SMS.

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Your Chama is the Pathway to socio-economic growth and environmental Sustainability.

Integrate Chama management to sustainability and ensure that your Chama reaches its full potential of improving the socio-economic wellness of the members and society as well as contributing to environmental sustainability

Clean cooking access

Pursue clean cooking as an alternative to traditional cooking energies and equipment.

Use pay as you use to ensure all your Chama members are connected and use clean cooking energy and technologies.


  • Brands performance comparison
  • Internal savings management toolbox
  • M-Pesa payments integration
  • Sms reminders and communication
  • External fundraising support
  • After sales support
  • Cash flow analytics


Digitize your merry-go-round schedules, contributions, and reminders. Set meeting locations and time

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Sustainable group ventures

Learn sustainability practice and use your group's resources to set up a climate-smart income venture

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Table Banking

Automate contribution collection, loan requests, and disbursement. And bring visibility to interest growth

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Custom Group Activities

Create your own unique Chama activity or project, and we will help you make it sustainable

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How it works

We follow a simple process

As long as you are a member of an already existing group, or you have a few friends you would like to create a group with. We will follow a few easy steps to get you to where you need to be as a group.


Register your account, create your group, and invite your group members


Select clean energy products, save 30% get connected, and pay as you use


Learn, save, and build unique income generating projects for your Chama


Work with people outside your group in knowledge sharing and fundraising


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