Our Work

What we are solving

Access to clean cooking energy and solutions to many in Africa is still considered a privilege for the chosen few. Despite the alternatives being expensive in the long-run, users are stuck with them as higher initial costs are associated with available clean cooking solutions.

Our Approach

We leverage on technology, to develop an inclusive financing model that enables community groups, individuals and institutions access waste-to-energy products without the stretching their pockets for the initial cost, and work with users to create opportunities by utilizing the full benefits of biogas digesters.

Our Biodigesters

We have a range of pre-fabricated and portable digesters to match the needs of the users .

For Households

Portable systems, and designed to generate gas for individual households .

For Communities

A centralized community system, that generates cooking gas for community groups.

For Institutions

Designed to enable ease of managing institutional organic waste, and produce gas in the process.

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Organic Farmer
The smart Organic Farmer

We use a data driven approach to help our users realize the full benefits of biogas digesters but adapting a climate smart organic agriculture.